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Welcome to my web presence!  This is my electronic home-away-from-home.  My goal is to centralize my various activities through this site, partly as a reminder for what I'm doing and what I've done, but also as a way to provide you with a window into my day-to-day activities.

GIT sample faculty site template

I created a sample research faculty site using the Zen templating system of Drupal.  The site contains many features useful to a research-active academic faculty member.  However, there is plenty left to do.

NRC Rankings Methodology released

The National Research Council’s Committee to Assess Research Doctorate Programs will publicly release Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs.

Screencasting for the masses - finally!

The old parable goes " a picture is worth a thousand words".  In today's world of high tech, how much is a video worth?  At its simplest form, a screencast is a video of your computer screen plus voice over.  Have you ever wanted to quickly show someone how to do something on the computer, but didn't have the words?  This is a great use for screencasting - those brief tutorials of "how to do this or that ..." on your desktop.  To get started, see:

Installing Drupal on Sourceforge

As the CORTOOLs library takes shape, I will need to improve the web site and documentation.  I believe that the best way to handle this is to create drupal web site that will permit easy editing by anyone interested in participating in the project.  Drupal and the sourceforge web servers interact easily:

Applications on your USB stick?

Ever want to give a presentation and are not sure if the software that you need (e.g., PPT, excel, etc.) is on the machine?  A growing body of software designed specifically to run off a USB stick are available from:

CORTOOLS source code posted on SourceForge

I posted the source code for the CORTOOLS OLE object to a sourceforge project.  I also posted some documentation and examples.  The code requires the Delphi (pascal) compiler to build. If you have the time and interest, I'm looking for help converting this code to C++.  Let me know if you're interested.


Many guests have been looking for the old CORSIM goodies page and the GTMICSIM page. I also added URL aliases for /corsim and /gtmicsim so that a guest can get their directly.
The old server is available at

Welcome to the new site

I spent the last few weeks (on and off, of course) playing with Drupal.  I had two goals:  1) get my web life in order in preparation for promotion to full professor and 2) create a Drupal theme that would be appropriate for sharing with other faculty interested in getting started quickly with Drupal.

I'm pretty pleased with how the site turned out.  It still needs some work in the "students" area - I want to explore profiles-as-nodes for my students and others granted access.

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